We are...

LA PERLA DE JÁVEA, a family restaurant, right on the Arenal beach, renowned for the quality of its cuisine. Rice, fish and grilled meats, among other Mediterranean recipes, are prepared using fresh, local and seasonal produce. A simple but first class proposal, in a space overlooking the pantry, which is none other than the sea.

We were...

Furthermore, LA PERLA has almost half a century of history and has written its story thanks to those people who have not only passed through the restaurant, but who have left their mark. Loyal customers, members of the team and the founding family that has survived to this day.


Sonia and Sergio enter the kitchen to help their parents in the kitchen.





Antonio and Loli founded LA PERLA de JÁVEA on the Arenal beach. For two decades, the restaurant went from being a family business to a benchmark in the area.


When Antonio and Loli retire, their children take over the management of the business.


La PERLA was awarded a Sol Repsol, followed by a Michelin mention.





Vicky takes over the management of the restaurant, always together with the brothers.


LA PERLA is heading towards a stage of image renewal, fresher, younger?


We will be...

LA PERLA has earned the recognition and affection of Jávea’s diners over the last few decades. It is the restaurant of choice when they want to celebrate that special meal, whether it is a family get-together, with friends or as a couple; also not to miss a work appointment. And now, the house that welcomes young people who once came with their parents.

A restaurant to write new memories with the sea on the horizon.
A restaurant to witness the twilight over the beach during an intimate dinner.
A restaurant for any time of the year, because the sea is pearly in winter.
A restaurant for those from Jávea, but also for those who travel there on purpose.
A restaurant with human value, where customer service is essential, close and friendly.
A sustainable restaurant, with a pantry close to the sea and local produce.